Life begins at retirement!

Retirement Survival Kit

Glowing tributes poured in as the Servus family joined together to wish their colleague, Cyril Francis, a Happy Retirement. From the newbie to veteran, everyone was in high praises for the new retiree. “Cyril was firm, fair, and consistent-you knew where you stood with him and if you got “boof”, you most likely deserved it, and once said it was over and done with.” This seemed to be the unanimous sentiment among Cyril’s colleagues.

Crowned with his retirement hat, Cyril spoke about his tenure at Servus in the highest regard. He laughed as he reminisced on times past, both good and bad. As he passed on the mantle, Cyril urged the younger staff to always do better, work hard and do the right thing. While there were rough times and good times, each and every team member agreed that they learnt a lot from Francis.

Genuine, supportive and always willing to go the extra mile was how Cyril was described by his peers.

For the final Thursday, Cyril and his peers shared a lunch of buss-up shot and curried chicken, a tradition which this avid curry lover started years ago. Congratulations on a wonderful career, and best wishes for the next phase-it has been our pleasure to know you and to work with you Cyril Francis.