About Us

Servus Limited exists to do just that-serve the needs of the companies when it comes to their buildings and related facilities. Servus understands the very best of asset management, construction and maintenance-to the point where we enjoy the reputation as the premium, fully integrated Facilities Management company in the country. 

We have experience with managing a diverse range of business facilities – including those in the energy, financial and airline sectors – and currently manage over 2,000,000 square feet comprising 90+ locations of prime commercial and residential properties across Trinidad and Tobago.

In choosing us as your Facilities Management provider, your company will have immediate access to our skills, experience, knowledge and facilities management technologies. To develop such expertise in-house would be both expensive and time-consuming for our clients. Because we have such a large clientbase, we have a much greater influence when it comes to purchasing power and can offer economies of scale.

In addition, we often apply similar technological solutions to several clients, which controls cost and allows clients access to the most up-to-date building methods. Human Resources can also benefit, as one of the highest facilities-related expenses, outsourcing this critical function can save company expenditure on areas like recruitment, salaries, benefits and training that are associated with an in-house Facilities Management department.