Management Systems Certification

STOW logo (size 1 inch by 1 inch)Servus is certified by the Safe to Work Trinidad and Tobago (STOW-TT) body and is registered as a high-risk contractor. A joint initiative of the Energy Chamber, the Point Lisas Energy Association and the Association of Upstream Operators of Trinidad and Tobago, STOW seeks to standardise minimum Health, Safety and Environmental requirements for contractors.

Servus’ re-certification reaffirms the company’s commitment to operate with the highest levels of HSE performance in the Facility Management sector. The rigorous certification process involved a thorough examination of the company’s HSE management systems.
Servus achieved an overall grade of 97%, with improvements in seven of the 11 areas of the standard.

As a result, the company will maintain the certification for a two-year period – a testament to our
dedication to HSE best practice.