Servus Supply Chain

A robust supply chain coupled with competent staff to deliver direct services; Servus Limited can deliver in all aspects of Integrated Facility Management.

Although relatively new to the market for some direct services, Servus has shown its ability to deliver first class service right out of the starting blocks. Our janitorial services benefit from our membership to the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) with the latest cleaning and hygiene techniques. This means that we are always current with industry trends and technological breakthroughs.

As both an ISO 9001 and Safe To Work (STOW) certified company, Servus employs a rigorous evaluation process prior to engaging all 3rd party vendors to ensure statutory and industry compliance as well as industry competence. This is done to ensure consistent end product/service quality with minimal to zero risk to our clients and their business continuity.

Our Contracts Department employs the principle of “continuous improvement” to ensure contracts that are up to date, relevant and aligned with industry requirements and the highest levels of legal aptitude. With our 15 years of industry experience, Servus has been able to establish deep relationships with all major industry players, as well as leverage our 2M square feet of “A” Class building space to ensure quality products and prompt efficient service at all our client locations at preferred rates.

Experience the service difference with Servus. Give us a call to be your “one stop” Integrated Facility Management Solutions provider