Inter-American Development Bank

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) partners with the Government of Trinidad and Tobago in projects aimed at institutional strengthening and capability in several social and economic sectors such as education, information and communications technology, tourism, land registration and public safety.

The IDB Trinidad and Tobago Country office is located at # 17 Alexandra Street, St. Clair. Completed in 1996 on a site measuring 26,000 square, the 9,776-square feet building comprises two floors and basement for plant and equipment, storage and car parking. The facility is equipped with a 55-ton chiller located on the roof of the building, two air handlers, and motorized dampers, all managed by an Alerton HVAC control system. Also installed is a 9-person passenger lift and an emergency generator and Automatic Transfer Switch. The facility is equipped with a fire suppression system comprising 20,000 gallons dedicated water storage, fire pump and sprinkler system, integrated with a fire detection and alarm system.

This is the only facility at which we operate on a management contract basis i.e. the client engages directly various service providers, for example for security services, pest control, landscaping, air-conditioning repairs and maintenance etc. , and we manage these contracts on behalf of the client. In addition to the management of these service contracts, we also undertake daily inspections and provide general advice to the client in the operation and management of the facility. Servus’ on-site team comprises two facilities technicians on a part time basis supported by a Servus senior manager. Our on-site team also conducts minor repairs and electrical installation for the client.

The menu services managed by us comprises:

Air-condition repairs and maintenance Janitorial services Pest control
Air duct cleaning Landscaping Building fabric repairs and maintenance
Building Management system Mechanical and electrical repairs and maintenance Fire & life Safety
Health & Safety Electronic Security Office refurbishment projects