RBTT Case Study

The Facility

St. Clair Place Sweet Briar is a prestigious Class A ultra modern office building at which we provide a full menu of facilities management services.

Completed in July 2008, the facility consists of two separate buildings connected by an enclosed linked bridge and has a combined area of 250,000 square feet (23,225 square meters).

The larger building is located at 7 – 9 St. Clair Avenue and comprises 6 floors and has 3 panoramic elevators. The smaller building is located at 8 Sweet Briar Road and comprises 5 floors, inclusive of a lunch facility, and has 2 passenger elevators.

Both buildings share common facilities such as 3 levels of underground parking, a large service elevator, 2 emergency generators that provide the buildings with 100% power redundancy, 780 tons of central air-conditioning. The buildings are equipped with a state-of-the art automated building management system that monitors all the electrical and mechanical building systems such as the chillers and air handlers, the emergency generators, water pumps, elevators. Once the system discovers a fault an automatic email alert is forwarded to the Facilities Manager

The facility was developed by Park Court Limited, a premier property developer specializing in offices for corporate clients. Park Court Limited envisions St Clair Place Briar Place as the quintessential office facility in Trinidad and Tobago, being functional, clean and safe, and available for use by tenants at all times.

The Tenants

The facility is tenanted by Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and RBTT Bank, BG Trinidad and Tobago and Dairy Distributors Limited.

RBC/RBTT is one of the region’s leading financial institutions and has positioned St. Clair Place Sweet Briar as the centre for the entire RBC Caribbean network—from The Bahamas to Suriname. RBC/RBTT occupies all of the Sweet Briar Building and all but the 1st and 2nd floors at the St. Clair Place Building.

The BG Group has been operating in Trinidad and Tobago since 1989, and reinforces its position as a key gas producer in the country. BG Trinidad and Tobago occupies the entire 1st floor and the eastern half of the 2nd floor at the St. Clair Place Building. Dairy Distributors Limited is the regional market leader in the diary products industry and occupies the western half of the 2nd floor.

Facilities Management Services

We have a team of 8 persons based at the facility that live the Servus philosophy of One Team, One Service and is dedicated to providing a high quality service befitting of this prestigious facility. The services we provide here are summarized as follows:

Soft Services
  • Janitorial and housekeeping
  • Pest Management
  • Landscaping
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Management
  • Helpdesk
Hard Services
  • M&E maintenance and repairs (e.g. HVAC, emergency generator, elevator, low voltage, high voltage, plumbing)
  • Automated Building Management System
  • Work Order management
  • Building fabric maintenance and repairs

Our team has been able to add value and minimize costs by undertaking a significant amount of the maintenance and repairs activities in-house.