Our Partners

Servus Limited Contractor Base

The core function of facility management services relies heavily on the quality of service provided by our contractors. Our supplier database comprises of several experienced business leaders in their own industries. Servus Limited has partnered with many large and small enterprise companies to deliver a high standard of work to our clients across Trinidad and Tobago. The critical areas of competence focus on the life and safety support systems on each of our thirty plus sites.

Servus Limited is an ISO9001:2008 certified business and this follows through in the supplier selection process. Each supplier is accredited and approved by these standards and our mandate follows strict health and safety guidelines as prescribed by law. Health and safety is of critical importance in our line of business given the inherent hazards found in many of our routine and project works. All contractors are required to complete tool box talks, safety inductions and work permits are to be completed before the start of each job. Safety gear is a must and we take every precaution to ensure the welfare of all workers on site. All contractors operating with Servus Limited are insured.