Integrated Management Systems

The concept of Integrated Facilities Management involves the Facilities Manager provider wrapping all of the required services – hard, soft and technical – into a competitive package managed by dedicated staff.  With this model, the Facilities Management provider assumes the risk for equipment and personal performance of outsourced contractors.  The Facilities Management Company holds itself accountable to the client and holds sub-contracted specialists accountable to itself.

At Servus, as a Facilities Management provider, we develop deep relationships with specialized service providers and have stringent contact management procedures in place to ensure that quality of service is maintained and risk is managed.  Our site staff manage the day to day operations, schedule and supervise Preventative & Emergency works using a computerized Integrated Maintenance Management System.

Our Integrated Maintenance Management Systems are:-

  • Health & Safety Management
  • Quality Management
  • CMMS

Health & Safety Management

At Servus, we’ve realized that effective Health and Safety management is critical to our organization’s success. We are fully committed to improving health and safety performance knowing that this will positively impact our overall business efficiency and effectiveness.

Employees are responsible for ensuring that all operations are carried out in accordance with the specified procedures and work practices ensuring that safety equipment is used as necessary, instructions are followed and that all work is carried out with minimum impact on the environment.

Servus has attained certification by the Safe to Work in Trinidad and Tobago (STOW-TT) body and is registered as a high risk contractor.

Quality Management System 

Servus has established, documented and implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS) in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001. The system is maintained and continually improved through the use of the Quality Policy, IMS objectives, audit results, analysis of data, corrective and preventive action and management review.

The quality management system applies to activities related to the planning, management, and delivery of facilities and project management services at our respective client sites. These services are supported by Servus’ central office functions that include the Helpdesk, HR and Administration, Accounts, Health and Safety and Purchasing.

Servus manages the delivery of its services by using a planning process that identifies the following:

  • The requirements and quality objectives for the services
  • Processes, documentation and specific resources required for the service
  • Verification, validation, monitoring, inspection and test requirements
  • Criteria for service acceptance
  • Records needed for evidence that the realization processes and resultant service met the requirements.

Servus manages out-tasked processes such as contractor services that affect service conformity using controls including service level agreements, key performance indicators, purchasing controls and data analysis.