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Additional Services

Support services make all the difference in whether a building runs smoothly and how occupants feel in the space

Additional Services

Servus’ service offerings are expansive and all-encompassing. Our building maintenance services include often overlooked details like building washing, parking lot maintenance and landscaping which can be executed as a stand-alone service or bundled service package. Some of the standalone services include:

Pest Control

Dealing with insects and other pests is just a part of life – especially in tropical regions like the Caribbean. Whether your pest problem is residential or commercial, Servus, with our integrated pest management strategy, is well equipped to help you regulate it.

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Project Management

No construction project can be successful without efficient management; there are simply too many variables to keep track of, and one misstep can have a domino effect. Expert supervision of critical elements like scope of work, timelines, procurement, quality control, budgets, and risk management are all part of what Servus’ project management team specialises in, sparing clients the time and hassle of dealing with multiple contractors and service providers.

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Even though a property may be well designed and built, landscaping is what adds that finishing touch, beautifies our environment and promotes sustainability – but because it is so maintenance-heavy, it is an area that both corporate and residential clients struggle with. Servus offers lawn maintenance, pruning, and watering services; Please contact us for a free consultation.

Building Washing

Your building’s façade is the first impression clients have of your business, no matter the industry. Trust us to thoroughly clean and maintain your parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, loading bays, and even all types of commercial windows – internal and external. Our teams can help you maximize your property’s curb appeal with professional and periodic exterior cleaning. Water blasting, scrubbing, and chemical cleans are just some of the services on offer.

Computerised Maintenance Management Systems

Our aptly named advanced Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is at the core of Servus’ Integrated Facilities Management Operations. A cloud-based communication hub, WorkSpeed allows our staff and clients to submit and complete on-demand service requests – with real-time tracking, comprehensive workfl ows, and inactivity alerts to ensure effective, transparent request fulfillment. There is also a convenient, cross-platform, real-time mobile app that allows for the creation, dispatch and completion of service requests from virtually anywhere. The system allows for cost-saving, on-time preventive maintenance and can schedule both planned and ad-hoc repairs that can be tracked against a client’s history. The system also allows for easy management of service contracts/warranties and the analysis of costs data to help with prudent decision-making. WorkSpeed’s business analytics offer quick visibility of key performance indicators that facilitate more informed decisions. It provides service request and preventive maintenance statistics, while creating an efficient operational experience, identifying opportunities for improvement and generating reports to team members and clients.

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