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Project Management

No construction project can be successful without efficient management; there are simply too many variables to keep track of, and one misstep can have a domino effect.

Project Management

Expert supervision of critical elements like scope of work, timelines, procurement, quality control, budgets, and risk management are all part of what Servus’ project management team specialises in, sparing clients the time and hassle of dealing with multiple contractors and service providers.

We are pro-active, solutions-oriented, and most of all, committed to building solid relationships. Our team is well equipped to oversee everything from planning, design and execution, to construction and closing on any real estate project – residential, commercial or institutional. We have the expertise to ensure that each job is completed successfully, adding value to the built landscape.

While anyone who thinks they can’t afford to hire a project manager usually learns that they can’t afford not to, we pride ourselves on offering cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.

Our world-class facilities management team offers project-related services such as:

  • Re-stacking
  • Building renovations and restorations
  • Fit-outs and Move management
  • Construction add-ons
  • Mechanical and equipment additions, changes and upgrades

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